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Get a Grant for Group Foster Home

kidsIf you’ve thought of fostering children, then you may want to consider opening a group home. There are so many children that need a safe place to go. Sometimes they need a place for just a short period of time. Sometimes they need a permanent home until they are old enough to survive on their own. Fortunately, there are funding options to get group homes started.

According to a 2009 study conducted by the US Department of Health and Human Services, there were 423,773 foster children in the care of various states. Out of those children, about half were in non-relative foster care situations. In some states, the availability of places to foster children in the system is lacking. Group homes can help fill the gap by providing care for several children at once in a family-like setting. Fortunately, there are grants to help get these homes going.

Transitional Living Program for Older Homeless Youth

The Department of Health and Human Services offers a grant program called Transitional Living Program for Older Homeless Youth. This program provides help to facilities that provide long-term, residential help to youth aged 16 to 21. The goal of these programs should be to help the youth learn to live successfully on their own in the future. You can apply for the program though the Grants.gov website.

The Community Entitlement Grant

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers a grant that is aimed at helping people provide services in their community. Group foster homes fall under this grant, so organizations wanting to start such a program can apply for funding from HUD. The funds are available to cities and counties with between 50,000 and 200,000 residents.

Community Facilities Grant

This grant is sponsored by the United Stated Department of Agriculture. It is for communities with 20,000 residents or fewer that want to develop community facilities such as group homes for foster children. Those who can apply for this grant are nonprofit organizations, towns and municipalities.

County Services

Check with your county’s child protective services agency to find out if any local grants are available for which you can apply. Corporate sponsors and state and local government funding is sometimes available to help with the expenses of starting and running a group home.

Religious Organizations

Contact local religious organizations to see if they offer any funding for community projects. Local churches likely won’t be able to offer more than some supplies and prayers, but the main offices of large denominational groups like the Southern Baptists, the Catholic Archdiocese and the United Methodist Church may be able to provide assistance or point you in the right direction.


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