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How To Take Time Off During the Holidays

When you work for yourself, it can be hard to pull yourself away from “the office,” since usually the office is literally your home.

However, taking time off to spend with friends and family is important—and sometimes necessary, if you’ll be traveling to see relatives for Thanksgiving or Christmas and won’t have access to your computer or Internet all the time.

Making sure you notify clients of your absence well in advance is crucial to keep goodwill with your clients. As long as you communicate clearly and with enough time to give clients a chance to voice their concerns, it is likely that they will be okay with your absence—they’ll probably want the holidays off as well!

Emergency Situations

However, you should prepare for an emergency should one happen while you are away from your business. If you can designate a person who will be around or can easily access your website in the case of an emergency, do so.

If that is not an option, it is worth having a plan to get to a computer if you need to—and to leave a number with someone who can call you if it is an immediate emergency that requires your attention right then. Using a hotspot from your phone can give you internet access should you need it in a pinch, but it will drain your data quickly.

If you’ll be out of the country, there are often places where travelers can access computers such as libraries or Internet cafes.

Making a note of where the closest Starbucks or diner with free Wi-Fi is can also help you in the event of a crisis, if you’ll have your laptop with you. If not, there are public libraries in most cities and towns that offer free use of their computers for a limited amount of time.

Taking time off of work to relax and spend time with loved ones is just as important as being constantly available to clients, so as long as you are prepared and have a plan in place for an emergency, most clients will understand that you are taking the time off.


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