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Another Look at eBay

ebay screenshotAlthough I’d like to see Rat Race Mutiny readers focusing on residual income at least 50 percent of the time, there is something to be said for making money quickly and immediately. Ebay was one option that allowed for this in my past. I would declutter and sell things off, avoiding having a traditional garage sale and having one online instead. Unfortunately, they changed their fee structures over the years and I found myself spending a lot of time listing, mailing, etc. and not making much. I walked away from eBay as a seller and used it only sporadically as a buyer.

New eBay Fees Are Beneficial to Hobby Sellers

Recently, I visited eBay to look for a coupon and noticed that they have changed their fees. This has been in place for a while. I just haven’t really had time to look at it. Now, you can list up to 100 items a month starting at up to .99  for no fee. You only pay eBay if the item sells and you pay nine percent. Since these are items I’d likely give away to Goodwill, this is a perfect deal for me.

I listed a couple of items to try it out and was pleasantly surprised to see the insertion fees come up to a big fat zero. I could almost hear the choir angels singing. Ahh! There is nothing I love more than making a little extra money on the side while decluttering my home.

Selling on eBay for Profit

When I teach my Escape the Rat Race class, I focus a lot on having different streams of income. I’m not perfect about this either, but it is something that is very beneficial to a freelancer. Should one source dry up, you aren’t left without an income. eBay is an excellent stream that could bring in hundreds of dollars a month. If you have something you make or a product to sell, or you’re just good at finding bargains and reselling at a profit, you could list those first 100 items in the month to get you started. It would be fine to list more than that, but you’d need to be discriminating so you don’t wind up paying listing fees for items that don’t sell (a real problem in the past).

Final Thoughts

With the changes they’ve made, eBay is definitely worth a second look. Look around your house and see what items you might want to declutter or talk to family and friends about helping them clear out their attics and garages in exchange for letting you have items they no longer want. There are so many ways to make money in this world. All it takes is opening your eyes to creative endeavors and finding the streams that work for you.


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