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Free Dates with Your Significant Other

If you’re just getting a new business off the ground, you might not have the extra funds for dates. However, the stress of building a new business can take its toll on a relationship. Since part of getting out of the rat race is learning to live more frugally, why not seek out free date ideas? Here are a few to get you started…

Free Days

Most museums and art galleries have free days when visitors can come in and view their exhibits. While it might be a bit more crowded on these days, you will avoid paying the ticket prices. If you are a writer, you may be able to talk to the public relations personnel and get a couple of free guest passes in exchange for writing an article for the local paper and giving the organization free publicity.

Even zoos sometimes have free visits. Another option is to visit places that have free admission at all times. Many main libraries feature traveling art exhibits and book collections, for example. Local festivals are free to attend as long as you don’t purchase the expensive food and the crafts being sold, you don’t have to spend a dime. You can go, enjoy the atmosphere and watch any demonstrations. Some vendors may even offer free samples.

Free Food

Finding free food can be a bit trickier, especially if you want to combine a free meal with your free date elsewhere. You probably can easily find some buy one get one free deals, save up punch cards for freebies or request gift cards for your birthday and Christmas. Outside of that, here are some other ideas for getting free food:

  • Watch for free days. Chick Fil A often offers one free item. You do not have to purchase anything else. Arby’s recent offered a free curly fry. Sites like Hip 2 Save and Deal Seeking Mom can inform you of these deals.
  • Visit Sam’s Club and partake of the free samples. On the weekends there may be enough to create a mini lunch out of samples alone.
  • Talk to family and friends and explain your tight budget. Then, coordinate an eat and dash map. Each house would provide one course. For example, you would stop in to see your best friend and have a salad while you chat. Next stop would provide an entree. The next household gives you dessert. However, you should only ask those closest to you who support your goals. Otherwise, it might be seen as rude for you to ask random acquaintances to feed you.

There are also many options for very inexpensive meals, if you want to spend just a little. Sam’s Club offers a small cafe area with items like pizza. Two can eat for about $6. Fast food can be cheap if you stick to the bare basics. Go through Burger King and order two hamburgers, share a fry and drink water. This meal is about $3.00. Use coupons at fancier restaurants to get the bill down. Order off the appetizer menu to save the biggest amount. By simply agreeing to both drink water, you will save between $4 and $6 in most restaurants.

Free Entertainment

During the summer, most local theaters offer free movies for kids. Adults can attend, too. While the movie might be a bit juvenile, you’ll enjoy the atmosphere and it won’t cost you a dime. RedBox often puts out codes, so you can secure a free rental for the night and cuddle on the couch with your sweetie. Just about everyone has been offered free tickets to something at some point. It might be a baseball game, a small concert or a play. Take advantage of these offers. Write a nice thank you note to the person after you’ve attended the event. During warm weather many communities offer music in the park, so you may want to drag out your lawn chairs and take advantage of this as well.

With a little determination, you can have a fun date that costs very little to nothing. Remember that it isn’t about expensive dinners or top notch entertainment, but about spending time with the one you love and enjoying his or her company.


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