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What’s For Dinner? 14-Page Menu Rotation Plan

What's for Dinner? 14-Day Menu Rotation Plan

Save Money on Meals!

WHAT’S FOR DINNER? 14-Day Menu Rotation Plan
by Lori Soard

Do you wish you could serve your family healthier, better food? Do you feel like you’re always in a mad rush to get dinner on the table? Do you wind up eating out, even when you don’t plan to do so? If you are on this crazy merry-go-round, like I was, then you’ll appreciate this menu planning guide. Not only does it simplify the entire cooking process, but you’ll save time and money by planning ahead. You’ll save even more by avoiding fast food drive-thrus. Included in the guide are original recipes and ready-made menu plans. This 80-page book will revolutionalize the way you think about meals.

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