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About RRM

Welcome to Rat Race Mutiny. Are you sick of commuting 30, 45 even an hour to work each way? If you have children, you may be tired of missing sporting events, school parties or even just time at home. Or, maybe you’re just sick of office politics. Whatever the reason, you have decided your heart’s desire is to work from home. This site was created to help you work toward that goal. Get out of the rat race. Declare mutiny on the corporate world, the 9 to 5 grind and working for someone else. Come join RRM on a journey to find treasure through working from home.

This treasure consists of more than just money. This treasure means more time for your family. More time for you. Doing something you love. Feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment in building something from scratch.

Topics we explore on this site include ideas for starting home businesses, working out plans with your current company to get you at home more until you can be home full-time, getting kids involved in business, residual income and many other topics that will get you started toward declaring war on the rat race and finding satisfaction and fulfillment through working from home.