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How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Real Estate Site

image of a woman in red sweater shaking hands on a real estate deal. There is a small model house on the table in front of her.
What can be easier than making the decision to choose a domain name for your real estate site? If you think this way, it’s possible you’re not considering all the aspects of choosing a straightforward name. For example, you come up with a perfect domain name but it’s...
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New Courses and Tools Coming February 1st

Dear Rat Race Mutiny Readers, After getting some letters from you, our loyal readers, and doing some internal studies of numbers, we realize we’ve gotten away from the original purpose of this site, to help small to mid-size businesses, startups, and those wanting to start their own businesses....
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How to Make Money on Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

make money
If you’ve made a New Year’s resolutions, apparently the odds are not in your favor of achieving it. Reports indicate that upwards 25 percent of people who make New Year’s resolutions will already have failed at keeping them a mere seven days into January. Those who do manage...
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Dr. Paul Levinson on Plagiarism

paul levinson
Plagiarism is damaging to your website. It can make you look like a rank amateur and also violates copyright laws. However, if your business has started growing, you likely have hired at least one or two writers to help with your blog and content on your site. How...
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Delores Pressley of the the Global Up Woman™ Network

flying courtesy delores pressley
Recently, Rat Race Mutiny had the opportunity to talk to the amazing Delores Pressley. Delores works with women entrepreneurs from around the world. She is a sought after keynote speaker and an executive life coach. She’s written numerous books on self-empowerment, appeared on every major television network on shows such...
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