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How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Real Estate Site

What can be easier than making the decision to choose a domain name for your real estate site? If you think this way, it’s possible you’re not considering all the aspects of choosing a straightforward name. For example, you come up with a perfect domain name but it’s already taken. Or the name ends up being too long and you have no clue how to make it shorter.

Owning a straightforward domain name is a marketing strategy practiced by companies that want a traffic boost (and what company doesn’t want one?). Best domain names identify your network resource. If it sounds brief and clear, expect more visits from your potential customers who already know what they came here for. All of this can help your real estate business grow and get more profits.

Now you understand the importance of having a good domain name for your real estate site. The only thing left is coming up with the best option out of hundreds names for real estate companies.

How to choose an effective domain in 2018 and create a strong brand for your real estate agency? Before you come up with some catchy real estate domain names, you have to do a little research. As soon as you learn all the major peculiarities of real estate business and your particular company, choosing a well-thought-out domain name will be easier.

image of a woman in red sweater shaking hands on a real estate deal. There is a small model house on the table in front of her.Stage #1: Research and Analysis

• Do the market analysis.

Learn more about existing real estate agencies from your area and what their domain names are. Nobody wants to have a name similar to their competitors, neither do you.

During your research toward how to choose a domain name for your real estate site, you can also pay attention to the rating of real estate agents. Successful companies usually have more distinct and catchier domain names. Use them as examples when coming up with your own outstanding address.

What Does Your Company Specialize In?

If you work with both commercial and residential real estate, you are most likely going to have a generalized domain name. But if your company specializes in one, you can use it to outline a more solid name for your website (based on the specific range of services).

Assess Your Target Audience and Pricing Policy

Clearly, if the agency deals with elite and expensive housing, names featuring such words as “affordable” and “cheap” are nonsense. On the contrary, if you sell small apartments and studios, it is foolish to mention words as “elite” or “luxury”.

Decide on the Range of Services

Do you sell or rent housing? Or maybe you do both? Although, it’s impossible to mention all the range of services in the domain name, it’s preferable to give at least some hint of what your real estate company services are.

Stage #2: Domain Name Suggestions: How to Choose The Best?

URLs that Have Your Own Name Are Less Effective

Real estate agency online. House on laptop keyboard. 3dPerhaps, you decided to make your life easier and choose your full name as a domain for your real estate agency. “What a great choice” – you think. But let’s be honest – this strategy works only if you are a popular celebrity or well-known personality and your name is all over the media.

Even successful real estate agents almost never use their names for a website domain. Let’s say, your name is Anastasia Gram. Look at this domain – https://anastasiagram.com. Only a small number already familiar with the person will know what kind of services the website advertises. It can be a beauty studio hairdresser, a grocery store or maybe a personal web page of a famous singer.

Another crucial aspect that is related to the previous point is your online visibility. People who don’t know about you and your real estate agency will never search for your specific name on Google. They are likely to use keywords like “elite housing New York” or “rent a studio apartment”. If you still want to use your name in a domain, at least add some leading words like “Anastasia Properties” or “Anastasia Homes”.

Brevity Is the Soul of Wit

Have you wondered why world’s best-known companies have simple names? Google, Uber, Apple… if you are still thinking about what to name your company, follow the example of these global brands. The shorter the name, the faster and easier it is likely to be remembered.

The same thing works with domain names. Yeah, this tip seems confusing after we said you need to include the maximum of info about your real estate agency in the name. But avoiding long titles is a key to remembering your company’s name better. Visual perception is vital. You will not be able to recognize a single word in the name like “bestrealestateagentintheword.com”. And we hope, your name will not look like this.

The Traditional .com Extension Is the Best

You came up with a straightforward short domain name and you are left with the choice of a domain extension. There are dozens of options you can opt for, including the well-known .com, .net, .org, .us and others. But that’s not all. ICANN, an organization responsible for granting new top-level domains, introduced to the world more extensions for real estate websites. Interesting, right? Now, you can name the website using words like .realtor, .biz, .apartments and much more as your domain extension.

But there’s a huge downside to this, however it sounds. It turns out, most people have no idea such extensions exist. So, how does it influence your visual presence? Easy. People can find your website somewhere online (let’s say, your domain is newyork.apartments). Next time when they want to look you up on Google, they are likely to type the wrong extension of your name that sounds more traditional to them – newyork.apartments.com

Why does this happen? The majority of people are still more comfortable with the .com extension. They still keep thinking the Internet is .com-based, especially when it comes to businesses. The choice is surely after you but just keep this in mind.

Choosing the Best Domain Name for Your Real Estate Site

Choosing a domain name is not as easy of a task as it may seem. It takes hours and dozens of unsuccessful ideas before finding the perfect one.

Let’s recap the most important aspects of choosing a good domain name. First, when it comes to a real estate agency, the domain name has to reflect at least some aspect of the company’s services. Second, it has to be short and easy to remember. Third, it’s better to use .com extension. But most importantly, it shouldn’t repeat the names of already existing real estate agencies in your city or region.


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