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Candy Fox, Independent Pampered Chef Consultant Interview

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Candy Fox on far right hosts PC party

Candy Fox is one of those rare gems in direct sales. She will go out of her way for her customers to help them find that one item they can’t live without. Her sweet and funny personality makes her shows a hit with everyone who meets her. I first had the pleasure of meeting Candy several years ago. I’ve since hosted several shows for her. Interviewing her for this new interview series focusing on different businesses you can start seemed like a no brainer. I know you’ll enjoy getting to know Candy as much as I have.

Independent Pampered Chef Consultant Interview

Lori: Candy, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed and let us pick your brain about selling Pampered Chef. One of the things we do at this site is encourage people to be business owners and work for themselves and Pampered Chef allows people to do that. Can you tell us a little about how you go started selling PC?

Candy: I work a full time job, but still had quite a bit of credit card debt that I was really tired of ‘saying’ I was going to do something about.  I enjoyed Pampered Chef, but couldn’t really cook – so I asked my friend who was selling to bring me the information to sign up.  She couldn’t believe I wanted to sell!  My normal cooking style at the time was Hamburger Helper and Pop-Tarts.

Lori: How long have you been selling PC?

Candy: This fall makes 14 years.

Selling Pampered Chef

Lori: If someone things they might be interested in selling PC, what questions would you tell them to ask themselves before making the commitment?

Candy: What are you looking for?  Are you wanting to make some extra money? Do something you can call your own?  Do you need flexibility?  Do you love our products?  What are you currently doing?

Lori: When you are first starting, what are some of the things you can do to ensure success?

Candy: I have a fantastic new consultant program.  I actually do the first ‘launch show’ for my new team members – they get all the sales, free products, bookings and all future business!  I have been doing this for the last two months and my new team members are starting off strong with shows booked on their calendars and money coming in from the beginning.

Lori: What about someone that wants to use PC to supplement their income? We have a lot of writers who visit this site, so I’m going to use them as an example. Let’s say a writer makes a little from their writing, but wants some steady income too. How can PC help with that?

Candy: Pampered Chef can be whatever you decide you want it to be.  If you want to make money, I tell folks 1-2 shows per week is what it takes.  Two shows a week is considered the ‘magic’ number to take advantage of all the perks – free products, bonuses, and a really nice income.

Stay-At-Home Moms and Pampered Chef

Lori: What about moms? Any advice for juggling motherhood and PC parties?

Candy: My team is made up of mostly moms.  When I started, my sons were 4 and 7.  Now they are 21 (22 next month) and 18.  Some of my team are stay-at-home moms and even home school.  They share they really like getting a chance to be with grown ups a couple nights a week.  My biggest advice is to be flexible.  You can make this business fit around anything if you want it too.

Start-Up Costs

Lori: I know this fluctuates, but about how much does it cost to get set up to sell PC?

Candy: We have a full kit for $155.  You can host a show and get it for $115.  It comes with everything including software, catalogs and of course kitchen products to allow you to do cooking shows.  The value is well over $500.  We also have a mini kit – for $80 – less products but comes with the catalogs and software – about a $200 value.  The mini kit is great for a past consultant or someone who already has a large assortment of Pampered Chef products.

Rewards of Selling Pampered Chef

Lori: What is the most satisfying thing about selling PC?

Candy: The two things I can rank at the top = #1 My kids think I am a good cook!  There is no way I think this would be the case without Pampered Chef.  The other is earning a FREE vacation every year with The Pampered Chef.  I have been to Hawaii twice, on several cruises, to Mexico, London and Rome.  I have taken my family to Disney twice with The Pampered Chef.  I am totally addicted to the trips.  And the nicest part – everyone who earns it gets to go!  Not just the top 10 or 20 percent of the company.  The trip includes air, hotel, usually some dinners… and no meetings – just play time.  I took my son who was 16 at the time to London – we attended a soccer game and he went with me to see a castle.  It was truly a fabulous trip.

An Honest Look at the Challenges

Lori: What is the most challenging thing about selling PC?

Candy: I think seeing folks who could benefit who won’t give it a try.  Not sure where the stigma came from but direct selling is fun and The Pampered Chef is definitely one of the best companies to work for.

Lori: What do you do if you have a period of time where you can’t have parties (health, family, whatever) and business falls off? How do you build it back up?

Candy: Simple answer here… phone calls.  And not cold calling either – I do customer service calls to ensure my customers are pleased with their products.  Just by staying in touch is usually enough to add more business to my calendar.

I also look for ways to make new contacts – setting up at a church bazaar or school function.
Lori: Do you have to be a good cook to be a PC consultant?

Candy: See my original answer – heavens no!  I really could not cook when I started – but I could read a recipe.  As time went on, I got more confident in trying new things.  I can still remember leaving out the spices in a recipe at a show – they were still sitting on the counter at the end!

Lori: Do you have to buy a lot of new products?

Candy: The kit gives you a sample of all our main lines, a baking stone, piece of cookware, forged cutlery knife, ultimate mandolin, food chopper – so you start out with a nice assortment.  During the first 90 days of business all new consultants earn PC dollars to be used on paperwork, additional products or even carry totes.

After that, every time the new products come out twice a year we can earn them for free or purchase them at 1/2 off.  We have a personal discount as consultants as well.

Lori: One of my visitors on this site expressed concern about clients only needing so many kitchen tools, so you need to always find new clients. Any thoughts on that?

Candy: Well, I have been doing shows for 14 years and I can trace some of my current shows back to some of my original shows.  I have sons and daughters of customers and hosts becoming hosts, customers and even team members.  My sister Andi recently joined my team and my daughter-in-law Rachel also is a consultant.

How Much Can You Make?

Lori: What is the average that hosts make per show and about how long does a show take, including prep time?

Candy: Consultants make an average of $100 a show.  I usually say 3-4 hours max – so that is a pretty nice per hour wage.  $100 is conservative – many shows can be easily $200 in commission.

Lori: Anything you’d like to add?

Candy:Pampered Chef is definitely on the uptick.  We have a great product and folks are ‘hungry’ (excuse the pun) for our product.  The food network is capturing many hours of TV time – and we have a generation of fast food drive-through experts who want to spend less money, spend more time with their families and eat healthier.  They just need a way to learn how and have fun doing it!

A huge thank you to Candy Fox for taking the time to chat with us about her work as a Pampered Chef consultant. Her enthusiasm for her business truly shines through. If you are interested in learning more about Candy, viewing available products or even joining her team, you can visit her website at www.pamperedchef.biz/candyfox.


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