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How to Avoid or Escape Credit Card and other Debt

credit card
One of the number one reasons people are afraid to leave their full time jobs is often tied into how much debt is hanging over their heads.¬†I understand what you’re dealing with here. When my ¬†husband and I first got married, we were young (only 20) and broke....
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Living On Less

There are many other ways to live frugal and save money and we will explore those even more in future. Using just these tips, you can easily save another $2000 a year. That takes our total down to $6750 that you need to make to be even with what you would have made working outside the home for $35,000 a year. Can you think of a few easy ways to make $6750? I can!
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Current Expenses

One of the first things you should look at when deciding whether working from home is right for you is your current expenses. There are many different budgeting programs available to help you sit down and map out your bills. Programs like Quicken offer an easy way to...
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