Dr. Paul Levinson on Plagiarism

paul levinson
Plagiarism is damaging to your website. It can make you look like a rank amateur and also violates copyright laws. However, if your business has started growing, you likely have hired at least one or two writers to help with your blog and content on your site. How...
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Delores Pressley of the the Global Up Woman™ Network

flying courtesy delores pressley
Recently, Rat Race Mutiny had the opportunity to talk to the amazing Delores Pressley. Delores works with women entrepreneurs from around the world. She is a sought after keynote speaker and an executive life coach. She’s written numerous books on self-empowerment, appeared on every major television network on shows such...
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Consistent Efforts Equal Happy Customers

mcdonald's iced tea
I was out running around today. I had a couple of appointments and some errands. It is HOT in southern Indiana right now. A nice big cup of McDonald’s unsweetened iced tea sounded fabulous. I stopped in Sellersburg and went through the drive-through. Imagine my surprise when I...
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Pokemon Go as a Career? Get Paid to Play the Game

I’m always interested in unique ways that people can add to their income. You’ve heard me talk before about how you need both large and small streams of income, because they all add up over time to allow you to have the financial freedom you want. Recently, I...
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