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Best Home Based Businesses for Moms

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The best home based businesses for moms are ones that allow them to spend quality time with their children. Worries over child care expenses and who is going to take care of your child while you work cause many moms to leave the rat race and head home. When it comes time to start your own business, the last thing you want is something that is going to take precious time away from your family. Although you will have to invest some time into any business you start, there are some businesses that just seem particularly well suited for moms and dads.

Ideas for Best Home Based Businesses for Moms

Although there are literally dozens of businesses that moms can start and successfully run, the ones listed below are businesses you can start on a shoe string. These are easy to start and easy to run best home based businesses for moms, even those who have very young children.

After School Pick Up Service

One small business opportunity that is often overlooked is a pick up and drop off service to get kids of working moms to school and home again. Many moms work hours that are well suited to their child’s school schedule. The problem comes in during the pick up and drop off times. With some school districts making students who live near walk, this can become a serious safety concern. Even if you have a young baby, you can strap him in his car seat and pick up and drop off a few kids. Not only can you earn a few extra dollars, but you will be helping another mom by seeing that their child is transported safely. You will want to get additional insurance, if you are charging money for this service. Consider combining this business with the next small biz idea.

Babysitting Before & After School

Many stay at home moms have no desire to spend all day babysitting. In addition to bringing additional stress into your household, it limits the amount of time you can spend with your own child. However, watching a few school aged children for an hour after school can be a simple solution that allows you to make a little extra money during your baby’s nap time. Some moms choose to set up an after care program through the local school. Again, you will need additional insurance, so charge accordingly.

Making and Selling Crafts

There are so many different items you can make and sell that your business choices in this category become almost limitless. For a brief idea of some things you can sell, check out Etsy.com. Just as an example, you may plan to crochet baby booties and matching caps. You can sell these items on Etsy, on eBay, and through local children’s clothing resell stores.

So, How Do You Choose a Home Based Business?

Ultimately, the best home based business for you is the one that works for your family’s needs. If you have a child that takes long naps, then you may choose to create crafts during naptime. If your kids are a little older, you might decide to start a business and have them help you out or take them along with you. Whatever you decide, you’ll be teaching your children that entrepreneur spirit that will make them resourceful and strong.


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