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Create an Amazing Cover for Presentation for Furniture Business

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Creating a professional cover is not as expensive as you might think.

A presentation folder makes your furniture business look professional and shows that you put thought into the materials used during your meeting. The cover of your presentation folder is the first impression those at the meeting have of your business, so taking the time to create a custom cover can highlight your professional image and show that you’re able to meet the needs of the businesses or customers to which you are presenting information.

  • Contact local printers to find out how much they charge to print presentation folders with your own design on the front. Find out if they have worked with furniture companies in the past and know the unique needs of your presentation, such as featuring a photograph of your furniture or creating an embossed, or slightly raised, silhouette of a couch, table or chair to add texture and dimension.
  • Set a budget for the project. The cost of a full-color cover will be more than a cover design that is black and white or a single color. If your budget allows, a full-color cover can allow you to present a photograph of some of your presentation folders in the background of the design. If you cannot afford full color, use drawings in a single color or a photograph in black and white.
  • Create the images you will use in the design. Since furniture can be difficult to photograph in a showroom, talk to a professional photographer about which pieces of furniture will photograph best and if you should transport them to the photographer’s studio or she can take the pictures in your showroom. If using a sketch, hire a professional artist or graphic designer, explain your concept and the colors you prefer to use.
  • Write the text you’d like to see on the front of the folder. Think about the message your furniture conveys and the best way you can add that to the text. For example, if your furniture is known for its durability, you can tie that into your title or add your company motto or tag line to remind those receiving the folder about this aspect of your company.
  • Pick out a font that stands out from the image without overpowering it. To maintain a professional look, avoid cutesy fonts with clip-art furniture graphics. If you have a company logo, place it in one of the corners. With art production software, you can add graphic highlights such as a banner background or font treatments to the headline. If you need to set off some text, such as the company tag line, then use plain colored boxes and set the text inside them.

Photographs of furniture should have clean crisp lines with plenty of blank space near the top of the page. This will give you a space to include the presentation title in that spot. Take pictures of small groupings of furniture in front of a tall, blank wall of any solid color.

How to Design a Cover on a Presentation for a Furniture Business


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