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How a Tiny, Portable Keyboard Can Increase Your Productivity

If there is one thing I despise, it is wasting time. If I’m stuck in traffic in my car, waiting for a doctor’s appointment, or if a friend is late to meet me for lunch, I am picturing the 100 tasks waiting for me at home and what I could get done during that down time. I know it is a bit of a workaholic thing to do, but I can’t help myself. I know that time is money and I think that is why wasted time drives me crazy. And, I don’t just mean time relaxing or spent with family and friends, but wasted moments.

That is probably why I decided recently to do something about it. Instead of just sitting in the waiting room or browsing through the dozens of useless magazines on hand, I decided I would use that time for work. However, this meant figuring out what would work best for me.

First, I tried a tiny portable keyboard that folds up and fits in my purse. In theory, the keyboard would work with my iPhone. I could download Word to my iPhone, open up the little Bluetooth keyboard and type away.

Ultimately, I didn’t like this keyboard. The concept was great, but there were too many things to juggle, the Bluetooth kept having to be reset, I couldn’t figure out how to prop my phone up in a comfortable position and I couldn’t access what I wanted online. I decided to nix that idea pretty quickly.

My next choice was to go ahead and invest in an iPad mini. They had them sale for around $300 at Sam’s for the model year before. I went ahead and snatched one up. I had seen covers with built-in keyboards, so I knew they existed. I have to say that for me this setup has worked so much better. It is portable and small enough to fit in my bag, but all I have to do is open and start my iPad and the keyboard is right there. It is rather small, which slows down my typing, but at least I’m getting SOMETHING done.

This solution worked much better but still had a couple drawbacks. First, it was difficult for me to download what i wanted to work on because I work on so many different projects in a given day. Second, the keyboard is tiny.

I can’t solve the keyboard issue and still make the thing portable, so I’ll have to live with that. However, I was able to solve the projects issue by moving my work folders to my Google drive. I can now access them from anywhere. You could also use DropBox and similar services for the same thing.

I’m now able to get work done on the go, which means I sometimes have a little more free time with my family in the evenings. A couple of weeks back, we drove up to Indy to see family. I had an extra hour there and back to start a new book idea.

What are you doing to increase your productivity? There are hundreds of ways. This is just one small one.


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