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20 Ways to Stay Motivated When Your Blog Isn’t Making Money

As you can probably guess, the money bloggers earn varies from negative numbers (after cost of hosting, etc) to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The thing is that you can do everything right. You can follow all the experts’ advice, monetize your blog perfectly, attract traffic, and still not see much of a result.

Building an income from blogging takes time, the willingness to try different tactics, and a lot of hard work. Talk to nearly any successful blogger and you’ll quickly discover that there was a point where s/he wanted to give up. Blogs don’t typically make money overnight. As your content is built, readers share your posts, and people come to know you, money will likely begin to trickle in.

Staying motivated when you’re putting hours of work into something without a return can be touch. Here are tips to help you stay motivated and to continue working toward your dream of one day making a living from your blog.

Ideas for Staying Motivated

  1. Read success stories of bloggers who made it big. Take notes on what they have in common and any ideas you can implement into your own blogging lifestyle.
  2. Try to think up at least one new product to offer to your site visitors. You might only get 100 visitors a week right now. That’s fine. If you can sell your product to just 1 of those visitors, you’ll begin making an income.
  3. Do some A/B testing. I’ve written a lot about A/B split testing on WHSR. Here is one article that will help you get started: Complete Guide to A/B Testing.
  4. Reevaluate your reasons for blogging. If you can focus on the mission, such as educating others about your topic, reaching new readers, etc., then you’ll be less focused on the money you aren’t yet making.
  5. Read other blogs in your niche. Sometimes you can get really motivated by how good another blog is, or even by how bad one is.
  6. Reach out to your readers. Ask them for ideas on what topics they’d like to read about.
  7. Up your social media efforts. As you see people share your articles and you share theirs, you’ll develop a sense of camaraderie that will carry you through.
  8. Paste positive sayings and quotes all around your work space.
  9. Visualize your future success. Imagine yourself receiving that big check from your favorite affiliate program. What will you spend it on? How does it feel to be this successful?
  10. Take an online class in your niche. Learn something new. Share it with your readers.
  11. Edit and add to old posts to make them fresh and new again.
  12. When you simply can’t find anything to write on, do a roundup of other great articles on the net or a list of your old articles. For example, I have a lot of recipes on my blog Crabby Housewife. I might do a roundup of easy family dinners and gather them all in one spot with a short description and link to that past post. This also repurposes your old content in a smart way.
  13. Ask those closest to you to share your blog posts. Getting new comments, visitors and readers will give you fresh energy.
  14. Team up with another blogger. Feature an interview with her and have her feature one with you. Make sure this other blogger has a topic compatible with yours but not competitive. For example, I don’t do a ton of gardening on my site, so I might team up with a master gardener with a blog. This benefits us both, because those looking for recipes and household tips will also tend to be interested in gardening and vice versa.
  15. Go to a conference or live event in your niche. This will inspire you and you can also blog about the event itself.
  16. Join a promotional group on Facebook and help others promote their blogs. They, in turn, will promote yours. Seeing their success may further inspire you as well.
  17. Dig into your analytics reports and see where you might improve your user experience.
  18. Create User personas for your website. This is simply a look at the types of people visiting your site and how you can best improve their experience.
  19. Throw an online party at Twitter with a hashtag. Invite everyone to join in on a specific topic related to your blog.
  20. Take time for you. Get a massage, go see a movie, and refill your “creative well” so you can look at things with a fresh perspective.

Consistency Is Key

It is important that you hang in there and consistently post content. Your readers need to know that they can count on you to give them information. If you can be consistent, so will they. Over time, as your audience grows, the money should arrive as well. For now, focus on other aspects of your business that you can measure.


Lori Soard has worked online designing websites, writing, editing and promoting clients since 1997. Through Promo Warriors, she's consulted with over 100 clients to help them figure out what online presence works best for them. In addition to helping people learn how to start their own businesses, she writes feel-good books about the way love and the world should be.