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The Best 3D Photo Editing Software Programs Choices – Make 3D Videos with Editor

A look at some of the best 3D photo editing software on the market. Learn which features each type of software has and why we think it’s the best.

Have you ever looked at a photograph and thought that it would be really cool to create a 3D pic out of it? Well, thanks to new developments in the digital camera market, users can take super high resolution photos and then use software to make 3D pictures. Want to wow your family and friends? Photo software tools help create impressive, professional 3D.

Your perfect dream camera might be a 3D camera, which has lenses lined up next to one another to give your image a three-dimensional perspective. However, extreme specialty cameras will set you back a minimum of several hundred dollars. Instead, try 3D photo editing software. Photo editing tools provide the ability to create a 3D pic at a bargain basement price. Here are three of the best programs to help you make 3D pictures.

Roxio Creator 2012

Roxio is a well-known brand among consumers who love to play with pictures and come up with a unique perspective on old favorites. Roxio’s Creator 2012 has enough photo editing features to keep even the most diehard photo enthusiast busy. Digital photography takes a step into the 21st century with this program, which allows the user to add 3D features to 2D photographs. Some of the features include adding special effects to videos like fairy dust, fire, rain and making items pop from a picture, such as a single flower on your toddler’s hat. Another neat feature of this software is that you can stream 3D from your computer to your television screen. The software features everything you need in a complete photo editing software and also edits videos. You can turn out a truly professional looking product with this program. You just need to know how to take photographs and the program will help you do the rest.

Some of the things you can do with this foto software include:

  • 2D movies converted into 3D movies
  • Take a standard image and change it to a 3D image
  • Make the image look like artwork instead of a photograph

Some of the more interesting inclusions in the 2012 package are:

  • FaceFilter Studio 2 – removes red-eye, blemishes, imperfections
  • Ability to repair older photos – erase scratches and straighten a picture that was scanned crooked, improve color and lighting

One of the features I absolution love about this software is that you can quickly upload your edited photos to social networking sites like Facebook or send to family and friends through e-mail. Expect to pay about $100 for Creator or add on another $20 and get the Pro editing version. The software makes it easy to upload your creations directly to Facebook and other social networking sites. You can even send your work out via e-mail. Creator is a bargain at around $100. There is also a Creator Pro version available for about $20.00 more. The Pro version offers color enhancement features that can make your 3D look bolder and better than ever before.

Adobe Photoshop Extended CS5

Industry professionals know the name Adobe well and for a very solid reason. Adobe is packed to the lense cover with features photographs love. You can take multiple shots and organize them to create a panorama, insert special effects right into existing images or cut out specific elements and transport them into a new background. You can also remove items you don’t want in the picture, like when someone photo bombs your perfect shot. Photo bombing is when someone randomly jumps into your frame and appears in your picture. With Adobe, you can remove that person and replace them with background, so it looks like they were never there. So, if the graduation picture of your daughter with her grandparents also has a classmate in the background making an inappropriate gesture, you can remove the classmate and have the perfect, sweet shot of your family.

You’ll find some really great features for 3D photo editing, such as:

  • Add-ins: Put a flower on your child’s shirt and make it 3D so it jumps out at the viewer, for example.
  • Not happy with the lighting in a scene? Change it.
  • Animation: You can even animate an object or two and keep the rest still.

You’ll love the Edge Detection feature of this software. Simply click on the subject and remove him out of the photograph. No more hours spent painstakingly trying to outline the object without straying into other objects in the shot. This speeds up your photo editing projects considerably. Create composites more quickly.

Adobe isn’t an inexpensive picture editor. Adobe runs around $1,000. However, if you want to work on photographs professionally, not many software options beat Adobe for features and time-saving ability. Also, if you need to save your work in multiple formats or in a specific type for a client, then you can do that easily with Adobe.

3D Composer by 3D Media

For those who need a simple software without all the bells and whistles, 3D Composer might be the perfect solution. It is a basic software, but the process to create three-dimensional images is also simple. Just take two photographs of the same picture, load them onto your computer and process them through the software. The software works on the idea of a stereoscopic 3D image. The other picture editing programs provide many additional features, but 3D Composer only makes 3D images. Simple, basic, one task and no others. The software will do a few things that photographers will find helpful.

  • Possible photos that can be paired are automatically matched up
  • Adjustable 3D depth
  • Compress the image for use on the Internet or to e-mail
  • No need for 3D glasses, has a built-in viewer

Unfortunately, 3D Composer will only export photos in JPS or MPO, which can be a serious drawback if you want to publish the images later. You have have a 3D viewer or use the included device. Still, for those just getting interested in having fun with photos and creating three-dimensional effects, 3D Composer is a real deal at about $20 for the light version and $50 for the regular version. The $20 version can be upgraded should you need additional features.

Look Toward the Future of 3D Photography

Another element to consider as you make your final decision about which 3D photo editing software is right for you is whether the software has regular updates and if current users can upgrade at a reduced rate. It is almost a given that 3D technology will continue to improve over time. It’s important to have software that can keep up and remain compatible with digital photography equipment.


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