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Rat Trap Exit Plan

So you’ve made the decision to exit the rat race. Now, you’re probably wondering where in the world to start your journey. This month, we’ll be doing a series on how to take the steps necessary to leave your job and start working from home. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme or a quick fix solution. You will be working hard, making radical changes and moving slowly toward your goal.

We will be looking at:

This will be a series of small steps that will add up to big changes. We’ll also be looking at options like flex time, working from home with your current position and businesses you can start that almost guarantee an instant income. Stay tuned for more!


Lori Soard has worked online designing websites, writing, editing and promoting clients since 1997. Through Promo Warriors, she's consulted with over 100 clients to help them figure out what online presence works best for them. In addition to helping people learn how to start their own businesses, she writes feel-good books about the way love and the world should be.