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Money Saving Plan of Attack – Back to School & Christmas

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Part of me loves to shop. There is nothing more satisfying than finding that perfect bargain on that perfect blouse that will go with anything. Part of me hates to shop, especially at peak times, like weekends and holidays.

I have two big shopping events coming up in the next six months. Event # 1 is back to school shopping for children’s clothes (teens). The other event is Christmas shopping, which may seem like it is a long ways away, but actually isn’t all that far. Since working from home means that saving money often becomes vital, I am trying a few experiments. This is actually a challenge I’ve issued on my Crabby Housewife blog, but it applies here too.

Since I love to save money and I love to shop and I love the Internet, I have decided to conduct a Crabby Housewife Experiment this year and see how much I can save by combining my three loves. After doing a bit of research, I will use some reward sites, combined with sales and sites that offer free shipping in an attempt to meet all my holiday gift giving needs as well as much of our back to school shopping.

If you would like to join me in this journey, you can sign up for some or all of these same sites. I will get a referral credit, if you do, which will help me out as I pay the hosting fees on this site. Here are the various sites I plan to utilize:

Ebates will allow me to earn cash back for any purchases I make online. Since money is my favorite savings, Ebates is going to be my “go to” site where I always start my shopping. However, there are a few sites that do not offer E-rebates through this site, but whom I really want to order things from for a variety of reasons. Because of this, I will use Swagbucks and MyPoints as my two backup systems. Although the earnings aren’t as great as what I can earn through Ebates, I do still get points.

Since joining Swagbucks just a short time ago, I have already redeemed enough points to earn $25 in Amazon gift cards. I am actually banking these for Christmas present purchases. I’d love to bank a couple hundred dollars by December. When I do go to Amazon to use those gift cards, I will go through Ebates or MyPoints to earn even more.

Come with me on this journey to save money through these online sites and make this Christmas SEEM like I spent a fortune, when I really didn’t. And y’all know how much I love to save money.

P.S. If you sign up under one of the above sites using my referrer link, drop me an e-mail and let me know. I’ll thank you by sending you a free e-book called WHAT’S FOR DINNER? 14 Day Menu Rotation Plan. I promise that this plan will save you money and time. You’ll never have to worry about what to cook for dinner again. It is the system I often use for my own family and it works like a charm.

P.P.S. If you aren’t already subscribed to the Crabby Housewife blog, hop over to crabbyhousewife.com and sign up. I will be posting updates about all the wonderful deals I find in the next six months. You can shop the same deals, or just get ideas on how to save tons of money.


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